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After Queen Victoria

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Scarica gratis After Queen Victoria

After Queen Victoria

When Queen Victoria died, Britain was one of the most powerful country in the world thanks to its well trained army, its invincible fleet, its resources of coal, steel and cloth. The decline of this nation could be seen in the 20th century, partly caused by the incredible growth of German industry and on the other side by the development of Japan and USA.

The 1st decade of the 20th century is known as the Edwardian period, after King Edward VII, who pursued (practice, carry out) a policy of peace and good relationship with foreign countries, but the gap between the poor and the rich still existed and for many people became unacceptable.

The Liberals, whom the most famous was Lloyd George, founded the Welfare State and in 1906 won the election. They launched (start on, set in motion) some reforms:

  • Schools Meals Act: to favor  poor children
  • Schools Medical Inspection Act: to control children's health
  • Children's Act: to protect children from cruelty
  • Coal Mines Regulation Act: to regulate work time
  • Old Age Pension Act: to provide a pension
  • Parliament Act: a salary was paid to MPs
  • National Insurance Act: it covered health and unemployment insurance.

King Edward was succeeded by George V, who declared that the Royal family should be known with the surname of Windsor, to take distance from the Hanover in Germany.

In this period the problem of the Irish question was born: the largest part of the population of Ireland was Roman Catholic, so the wanted Home Rule and independence from Britain. The Liberals introduced the Home Rule Bill but the Protestant Ulster unionist wanted to keep union and opposed the law. Members of the Irish Republican party tried to occupy Dublin but they were massacred by British army, this day is remembered as the Easter Rising.

With the beginning of World War I a British Expedition Force (BEF) was formed to face German army and only the intervention of USA in 1917 made the war ended with the Treaty of Versailles.

Then the Irish question rose again with the presence of the Irish Republican party, which formed its own army, the Irish Republican Army (IRA). On the opposite side there were Protestant Unionists. In 1921 Ireland was divided into 2 parts: the Ulster (Protestant) and the Irish Free State (Catholic), but this treaty wasn't accepted by the assembly in Dublin and thus started a civil war. In 1949 Ireland Catholic part became independent and was named EIRE.

During World War I English trades were disrupted and many workers in industries lost their work.

The crisis of international trade, the growth of industry in Asia and the economic collapse of Germany owing to the payment of reparations caused an economic crisis, the Great Depression. The Wall Street Crash in October 1929 marked a period of hardship and sacrifices, that was faced by president Franklin Roosevelt with economic policy of the New Deal. Meanwhile, Britain was guided by Ramsey McDonald who cut the pays for government founds, including the dole(=sussidio), and helped the development of the weapon industry.

At the time of Hitler and Mussolini's rising, in Britain there were sympathies for both the Communist party and the fascists but the majority believed they could solve their economic problems copying Roosevelt's New Deal policy. Consequence of a British fascists violent march, the government banned political uniforms (Public Order Act).

King George V died in 1936 and succeeded King Edward VIII and, after only 11 months, King George VI. During is reign thousands of volunteers joined the armies and, despite the beginning of World War II, Britain choose a non-intervention policy.

Another problem was the asking of India for independence, with the figure of Mahatma Gandhi and non-violent disobedience. India gained independence in 1947 and was divided into a Muslim and a Hindu states.

Scarica gratis After Queen Victoria
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